Where every kitchen is the experience of a lifetime..

For over five decades, Avivi Kitchens has been working with its customers to create a uniquely personal space at the heart of their homes – that magical place where emotions become intertwined with special flavors and fragrances, where experiences are shaped and memories take form. The kitchen.

Designing the Heart of Your Home

At Avivi Kitchens, you’ll always feel at home. Our professional design team is on hand to collaborate on creating your dream kitchen, offering the best solutions to suit your personal tastes, preferences, available space, and budget. Thanks to our extensive experience designing and crafting kitchens (and bathrooms) for Israel’s largest contractors, combined with our signature style and warm, customer-oriented approach, we are able to work with you to shape a truly unique, personally customized experience.

Blending Creativity with Convenience

Our style brings together the latest, most contemporary trends from the design world, while also incorporating practicality, efficiency, and comfort. As a company that endorses innovation and creativity at every level, Avivi Kitchens encourages its designers to find original solutions to every challenge and give free rein to their imaginations when developing new ideas. This meeting between creative concepts and the specific needs of each kitchen enables you to design an innovative, first-class design experience with us, perfectly suited to your kitchen’s individual character.

Committed to Eco-Friendly Excellence

Avivi Kitchens operates two cutting-edge production plants in Israel, run by around 200 of the field’s most skilled manufacturing professionals. Our plant in Bnei Darom is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the country. Covering an area of approximately 10,000 sqm, the plant is also the company’s logistics center and includes a showroom where customers can observe the production process. Our Karmiel plant covers some 1,500 sqm and reflects Avivi Kitchens’ commitment to eco-friendly production. Both plants are outfitted with the finest, most advanced modern technologies, which enable them to achieve the highest quality finishing while adhering to green manufacturing principles, European best practices, and international standards (ISO 9001). We always utilize the highest quality raw materials and fixtures, in line with stringent environmental protection policies. This is how our innovative production line enables you to design a green, eco-friendly experience with us.

Raising the Bar for Outstanding Service

You are invited to visit any of the six breathtaking Avivi Kitchens showrooms across Israel, in Herzliya Pituach, Rishon LeZion, Bnei Brak, Karmiel, Bnei Darom (Ashdod), and Kiryat Ata. No matter which showroom you choose, you are certain to be impressed by the exceptional design capabilities, efficiency, and convenience that set our products apart. We also operate a special department serving the needs of architects and interior designers. Our logistics team delivers a comprehensive response to every need until the installation is completed to your full satisfaction, and our attentive customer service department is always on hand for any question or issue that arises along the way. In partnership with you, our customers, we design a top-notch exclusive shopping experience every day anew, including a full warranty that covers product quality, transportation, and installation.

Chosen by Leading Professionals

Avivi Kitchens is riding a constant wave of expansion and supplies premium home kitchens to Israel’s most prominent real estate developers: Africa Israel, Tidhar, Danya Cebus, Azorim, Minrav, Matzlawi, Shikun & Binui, Gindi, Bonei HaTichon, Malibu, Neve Gad, Sarfati, Delek Real Estate, Plassim, T. Landau, Silbermintz, and many other diverse projects in Israel and around the globe. Avivi Kitchens also plans to open additional showrooms and sales offices around Israel, while always preserving the company’s beloved warm familial atmosphere.

Bringing Smart Kitchens to the World

In recent years, Avivi Kitchens has expanded its circle of customers overseas, and now supplies carpentry and infrastructure solutions for all areas of the home, catering to projects in affluent neighborhoods in the USA. These naturally reflect the highest finishing quality, in compliance with the world’s most rigorous standards, and have led to Avivi Kitchens being honored with Israel’s Outstanding Exporter Award.

Completing Your Perfect Kitchen

As the ideal finishing touch to every shopping experience, Avivi Kitchens is happy to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of complementary kitchen items at exclusive, especially attractive prices. These items are designed to perfectly complete the overall kitchen concept.
The advantages are clear: Avivi Kitchens is the home of professional expertise and experience that can help to save customers’ time and money by adapting and advising on the design of the kitchen cabinets and other layout details. Furthermore, all items can be supplied in accordance with each customer’s needs and requests in parallel with the kitchen installation, streamlining the entire process. Please contact your local branch to arrange an introductory meeting with a sales manager from the Complementary Department, and visit www.avivi-e.com to learn more.

Avivi – Smart Kitchens, Smarter Service

Avivi Kitchens continue to lead the market forward! Avivi Kitchens is driving a customer service revolution, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creativity and efficiency throughout all its processes. By improving its service and introducing a range of innovative solutions, Avivi Kitchens is making it easier than ever to stay in touch with customers, while also giving customers a more transparent, user-friendly, and economical experience. This service revolution is being spearheaded by a groundbreaking new app that is the first of its kind in Israel: Avivi Smart & Simple App – This app brings together all the essentials to help customers through the process of purchasing a new kitchen. Guiding customers step by step, the app enables customers to view all the relevant information about Avivi Kitchens and individual products, empowering their decision-making and assisting them from start to finish in the clearest, most efficient way.

We are confident that choosing Avivi Kitchens will bring you many years of enjoyment and reliability. Now we invite you to immerse yourself in our 50-year kitchen design heritage and to design, with us, the experiences of your tomorrow.


Herzliya Pituach – 11 HaSadnaot St. (Industrial Zone)

Rishon LeZion – 4 Lishanski St. – (Industrial Zone)

Bnei Brak – 37 HaLehi St.

Ashdod – Bnei Darom Industrial Zone

Kiryat Ata – Redesign Complex – 44 Haifa Road

Karmiel – 38 HaHaroshet St. (Industrial Zone)

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