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Avivi Kitchens. Designing Kitchens. Designing Experiences

For more than four decades, Avivi Kitchens has worked in partnership with its clients to make its mark at the very heart of their homes. A place in which flavors and aromas mingle with emotion. A place in which experiences are shaped and memories are formed. The kitchen.

Designing a Personal Experience

You are guaranteed to feel at home when you visit Avivi Kitchens. Our top professional design team will be happy to work with you to design your kitchen and provide you with the best advice to suit your tastes and preferences, as well as the space and budget at your disposal. The company`s vast experience in designing and creating kitchens and bathrooms for Israel`s largest construction companies, always incorporating its unique style and warm attitude, allows us to design a truly special experience in cooperation with our customers.

Designing a Style Experience

Our design line incorporates the latest style trends while also paying attention to comfort and efficiency. As a company that continually aspires to innovation and creativity, Avivi Kitchens encourages its employees to develop their ideas and discover creative solutions to all challenges. The meeting between the unique needs of each kitchen and our creative ideas allows you to work with us to design an innovative and especially high quality experience suited to the character of your kitchen.

Designing a Technological Experience

Avivi Kitchens has two factories that employ approximately 200 employees who are among the most professional in the field. The Holon factory covers an area of approximately 4,000m2, and is the company`s logistical center, while the factory in Karmiel, covering approximately 15,000m2, represents our green philosophy. The factories are equipped with some of the finest and most advanced technological equipment in the world, allowing us to achieve the highest level of finishing while working according to advanced manufacturing processes, and the strictest European standards (ISO 9001). We take care to use the highest quality raw materials and accessories in order to protect the environment at all times. Our innovative manufacturing line helps you to design a green and environmentally-friendly experience with us.

Designing a Service Experience

At any one of Avivi Kitchens` three impressive showrooms in Rishon Lezion, Ramat Gan, and Karmiel, you will be impressed by our design capabilities and special department for architecture and interior design, as well as the comfort and efficiency that characterize each one of our products. Our logistical array offers you a comprehensive solution that covers every step of the process until the installation is completed to your satisfaction, while our personal, attentive service gives you one address for any question or problem you may have. Every day, we work with you to design a quality and luxurious shopping experience that promises complete quality in terms of products, transportation, and installation.

Designing the Experience of Tomorrow with You

Avivi Kitchens is enjoying a constant wave of expansion. The company supplies premium home kitchens to Israel`s largest construction companies: Africa Israel, Tidhar, Danya Cebus, Azorim, Minrav, Maslavi, Shikun & Binui, Gindi, Bonei HaTihon, Malibu, Neve Gad, Tzarfati, Delek Nadlan, Plassim, Z. Landau, Zilbermintz, and a variety of additional projects in Israel and across the globe. In addition, Avivi Kitchens is planning to open additional exhibition and sales halls throughout Israel, without losing its characteristically warm and familial atmosphere.

Designing a Worldwide Experience

In recent years, Avivi Kitchens has expanded its customer base overseas, and today it supplies infrastructure and carpentry solutions for all areas of the home in luxury neighborhood projects in the USA, as well as the highest finishing and strictest standards in the world. As a result of these high standards across the board, Avivi Kitchens won the Excellent Exporter Prize.

We are sure that the choice of Avivi Kitchens will give you pleasure and security for many years to come, and invite you to become part of our 40 years of kitchen design tradition as we design your experience of tomorrow.


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